Eben Pratt


  • <active> - Passat:
    How to replace the timing belt on a 98-05 (B5) V6 VW Passat.
  • <active> - qmail:
    Useful links, information, patches and tools for the best MTA available.
  • 97.12.23 - Hotline Tool:
    This was designed to reestablish the PPP connection when the ISP
    forcibly disconnected your `unlimited' dialup service.
    Among other things, it registered your server with trackers, and it's
    dynamic IP with DynDNS.
  • 97.08.15 - Operator's SLS keypad control:
    I found that by assigning commands to the keypad, much time could be
    saved over manually typing them repetitively.
    This allowed me to take longer naps at my then night job at DEC, so I
    wasn't as sleepy at my then day job at NH.com.


  • 04.12.15 - Knowledge Base:
    Use your Notes username and your magmaweb passwd.