Eben Pratt


    • <active> - Passat:

    • How to replace the timing belt on a 98-05 (B5) V6 VW Passat.

    • <active> - qmail:

    • Useful links, information, patches and tools for the best MTA available.

    • 97.12.23 - Hotline Tool:

    • This was designed to reestablish the PPP connection when the ISP

    • forcibly disconnected your `unlimited' dialup service.

    • Among other things, it registered your server with trackers, and it's

    • dynamic IP with DynDNS.

    • 97.08.15 - Operator's SLS keypad control:

    • I found that by assigning commands to the keypad, much time could be

    • saved over manually typing them repetitively.

    • This allowed me to take longer naps at my then night job at DEC, so I

    • wasn't as sleepy at my then day job at NH.com.


    • 04.12.15 - Knowledge Base:

    • Use your Notes username and your magmaweb passwd.